Are you looking to make a professional or personal change?

Benicia can help you set, reach and maintain your life’s goals through the following services.

Life Journey Coach

Do you aspire to move up in your career, open a business, achieve personal growth or create a better work-life balance? As a Life Journey Coach, Benicia will help you establish goals, overcome obstacles and guide you through the process of getting you where you want to be. She received her certification from the Life Coach Institute of Orange County, and specializes in career and personal growth coaching methods. Take Benicia’s Life Journey questionnaire to see if coaching is right for you!


Private Counseling

Benicia has spent her career helping others. As a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in Virginia, she has worked with individuals, families, groups and couples on mental, emotional and behavioral issues in a variety of healthcare settings. She is also a Licensed Substance Abuse Treatment Practitioner (LSATP), Clinical Trauma Professional and Parent Educator. Contact Benicia today to discuss your private counseling needs.



“Benicia is a warrior woman, courageous in finding her way, only looking back to help others find their way too. She is as authentic, ambitious, and compassionate as they come – a true source of inspiration for women striving to make a difference in this world.”
M. Evans

Benicia Hernandez Gill

Curriculum Vitae

MA, Community Counseling
Norfolk State University

BA, Human Services Counseling
Old Dominion University

Life Coach Institute of Orange County

“Living an intentional life provides direction, while giving depth to your work, relationships and the things that bring you joy.”

Benicia Hernandez Gill

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I decided to start this “Best Life by Benicia” blog to provide that little push to the community I see around me – women searching for peace and balance in their lives, teenagers struggling to find their way and men who want to be better men.