Benicia Hernandez Gill

Benicia’s Journey

Benicia Hernandez Gill is the owner and CEO of Life’s Journey, a full-service mental health agency located in Norfolk, Virginia. With a deep understanding that every individual can benefit from help along life’s diverging pathways, she has dedicated her career to helping others achieve the “best life” that they can. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), a Licensed Substance Abuse Treatment Practitioner (LSATP) in Virginia, is certified as a Life Coach and is a member of the Virginia Counselors Association.

With this endeavor, Benicia is extending her outreach as a Life Journey Coach, blogger, speaker and advocate for women looking to transform their lives.


“Living an intentional life provides direction, while giving depth to your work, relationships and the things that bring you joy.”

Benicia Hernandez Gill

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I decided to start this “Best Life by Benicia” blog to provide that little push to the community I see around me – women searching for peace and balance in their lives, teenagers struggling to find their way and men who want to be better men.