Many people say I’ve been blessed with the “helping gene.”

As a child, I watched over my younger brother and sisters when my parents separated. While my Dad was at work, I kept an eye on them after school, made dinner and was the go-to sister when they needed help or a hug. At 16, I unexpectedly became a Mom myself, juggling motherhood with school and a part-time job.

I faced a lot of responsibilities at a young age. Determined not to be overwhelmed, I dug in and felt a great sense of accomplishment in being there for my siblings and my own child.

Following high school and college, I knew that counseling was the career for me; it seemed a natural fit for someone who had been there for others. In addition, several close family members had experienced mental health issues over the years, and I saw first-hand that having someone to support and guide them could help tremendously in one’s recovery. That’s something I’ve witnessed time and again throughout my career as a Licensed Professional Counselor and as the owner of Life’s Journey, a full-service mental health agency.

I decided to start this “Best Life by Benicia” blog to provide that little push to the community I see around me – women searching for peace and balance in their lives, teenagers struggling to find their way and men who want to be better men. It’s for anyone approaching a crossroads in their life or looking for encouragement and inspiration in taking the next steps on their life’s journey.

I’m excited to offer real-life solutions to the stresses we all face. Some of the topics we’ll dive into in the months ahead will include:

  • The importance of living your truth
  • Empowerment tools for the 21st-century woman
  • Five ways to nurture your important relationships
  • Creating a Zen-zone at home and at work
  • Managing stress in an anxious world
  • Tips for maintaining a life/work balance
  • Navigating personal changes
  • The liberating power of forgiveness

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What else would you like to know? I love traveling to destinations both big and small, near and far. The person I admire most is Michelle Obama. At the end of the day, I like to kick back at home, surrounded by family. And, in case you hadn’t noticed, my favorite colors are pink and black!

Life is beautiful, so let’s live it the best way that we can. Are you ready to get started?

All the best,